Arpu average revenue per user

Arpu average revenue per user. Based on CWA's own figures, PyCon 2010 had a much higher average revenue on average than the years prior to 2010.

The world's largest cybersecurity conference and expo, with a total attendance of more than 16,500.

In 2012, the BIT Conference was announced to be the largest booth-scale conference on containerized solutions. The Pacific Northwest Cybersecure Partnership (PCP) is a participating organization.

Cyber Security is one of the core principles behind PyCon's security goals. The cyberspace has an immense impact on information, technology, and society. At PyCon, security is emphasized when it comes to combining the technical expertise of expert Python developers with the clear vision of industry leaders, experts from the service industry, and government leaders. PyCon is committed to boosting the community's impact on cyberstealth by bringing together diverse stakeholders to discover solutions to emerging threats, how to best manage complex projects, and how to protect and safeguard cybersofourself.

The 2011 PyCon conference was one of 25 high-profile cyberscience conferences, "PyCon 2011." On June 20, 2011, the PyCon 2011 podcast created a virtual podium at the PyPI-Moscow Conference, managed and distributed by PyCon.

PyLab, a leading educational and technology company in China, sponsored PyCon on August 28–29, 2011.

Several hundred attendees from 10 countries, attended PyCon from June 20–28, 2011 in the Boston Globe Park.

At the 2011 Pycon, Tim Sowell and his team created a Pythonex virtual conferencing platform, Gameplanet Lab, to allow for the use of a closed session using the Web and HTML5 front-end. Players can also download their game creation and module code to a web-based server, make contact with the Pythonese industry body, and practice Pythonic programming.

Arrivals of the conference were distributed across ten countries including Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the United States

Throughout 2011, Pythonyx has sponsored workshop.