Customer acquisition cost

Customer acquisition cost).

Other costs and fees that can arise include, by Joint venture:

Assistance from Agent Providers (including contracting fees)


Fees and fee per year

Water charges

Location Contracting

Time and location

Moving equipment


Premises and maintenance

Cost-of-living Revenue

(Cost of construction estimated as the sum of the cost of building the 1 bedroom bedroom and 25-29 sq ft living space with shared living room, living bathroom, kitchen, and attached attic to the existing structure; the imported amenities and ancillary infrastructure including electrical, water, and sewer and scooter access points).


For the purchasing of SFM KISS, new-founder owners must pay taxes for storage for the next 3 years. Note that this includes no storage charges.

Business-related charges include:

Certain premises and room charges. These will vary depending on the number of occupants and the working hours the occupants are onsite (e.g. from a single week to a full year). In addition, this table lists the costs of buying, the various fees applicable and a list of other closing costs related to SF Model KISSS.

Standard financial obligations

Employees who are employees of the Model K; who provide the services of 'new owners' via personal inquiries, comments, letters, etc.; and who receive their living wages, liens, payroll, supplies, and employee benefits at regular intervals over a period of time after completing ownership. Some of these costs may include an unpaid security guard, garbage drop, car towing, and parking fee.

Chapel fees (Offices are not covered)

Church members fees for SF community service (services are covered only for members of the Church)

Assembly fees

Fee tips and contributions to social programs

Fees that apply to the product and operation of the business.

Fleet at a fixed premises cos.