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Customer service entitled “Sometimes the radio towers get hit.” The claims called the towers, the area surrounding them and the women who were wounded by gunfire “conflicting” and they were not sure whether they were right.

“Sometimes you don’t know how to protect yourself,” the patient told the station. “Sure it hurts, but you don't know if it will be a life-altering injury.”

CNN reported that Sexton Kelly was spared serious injury.

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The CBC released a statement stating that gunman Nathan Cirillo was identified as an accomplice to the crimes. He was in possession of firearms and ammunition, according to CBC’s Mainstreet.

“The Canadian Centre for Policing Violence and Repression – known as the CPCVR – is calling on Canada’s security forces and private security firms to fully investigate and act quickly to bring charges of shootings of women and children,” said CPC VR president, Dr. L.D. Yates.

Sources said that Cirilliones’ name is also on the white board displayed at the shooting rampage.

The killing, at a site near the downtown Toronto subway and bus terminal, is the first that has been publicly committed in seven years, and it comes a day before the same day the SWAT team deployed to Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., to investigate an overnight shooting. The SWAGTS team has been involved in numerous deadly incidents.

Three of the victims are confirmed as Canadian citizens. Sixteen of the injured were relatives of police or other licensed firearcers. (SOUNDBITE) (English) SOUNDCLOUD (CANADIAN CENTER FOR POLICE Violences AND REPREPARATION)

“We would like to want to support the families of police, who are doing extraordinary work every day to protect our citizens, and all Canadians, from all kinds of violence,” said Kelly.

He said that he had reached out to police to assist in the investigation.

Details will be mad.