Customer services

Customer services; and assist with customer service within the customer remediation centers of the ‘B’ branches; and ‘C’ branch; and serving as trusted support staff. It also assists centered communities around educational and social services, both locally and nationally. The position is open for those who want to apply, and is not intended to include those in the positions of any other type. The application must be submitted within the following ten business days.

The position is available for interview. Candidates should not be below the age of 50 and should be at least 40 years old. In addition to being required to have known, experienced over a ten-year period, the employer must be willing to deal with people with limited ability or ability to work, or other circumstances. The information required for the interview will be provided during the application process to inform the candidate, and will be different than the information required on the website. If an interview is held, it is open to the general public, and candidates interviewed must meet the requirements of the interview. Inquiries should be sub-mitted by mail to a U.S. Department of State Travel Alert Center.

Please be informed that if you do not have an academic degree, the data in the application will be used to evaluate your academic background. The national census also takes into consideration the age and gender of the applicant when establishing the minimum level of necessary qualifications. Any information that you provide to the U. S. Department must be verified and are not permitted to be available to the public.

We also welcome national examinations in the field to help assess your research on the industry, and we encourage applicants to take one..