Customer support services

Customer support services.

PrestaShop Professional (also known as AWStudio) is the text editor software that was created by Wang Jianwen, a native of San Diego, California, and his wife, Lucia Wang. AW Studio grew to be known as one of the world's most popular text editors. It is used more than 100 million times by every U.S. person aged under 18 in the U.K., and is used by thousands of organizations worldwide.

In 2004, Wang created "AW Store" which is the official Store Station of PrestaStore.

Most of PST are focused on “first-mover advantage” and are sold for their transactional value, with PST getting more attention.

The PC version of Pstudio debuted in 2007. Pstadio was also open sourced at the time and was sold under the Creative Commons license. Currently, PST features a free and open source user interface, with more than 24,000 community-created application packages.

As of 2012, Pstader has attracted over 250,000 pits. PST is one of only a few companies to have a community of over 500,000 developers, and to have been successful and growing.

Pstader also provides several services including Storepedia, a social tool for bookmarking and sharing, and Library of Congress User Guides and Workshops, a service for users to have complete contextualized and data-driven knowledge about the library. PStudio is now a part of the Prestashop ecosystem and PSTader portfolio of software is now part of Premiere.

During the launch of PStader, Prestagist was released. This portfolding tool allows for rapid expansion of Psts. It supports a few languages including English, French, German, Russian, and Spanish.

It is free software for Windows and MacOS. Prestabase was originally released as part of a cross-platform project with Github and Linux..