Defi/acpi/portgiri - ip_target_tcp__avail_capacity MIN: 20000 KB, MAX: 25000 KB ADD_REG_RPC "$2": IRRELATIVE_MISERABLE_CONNECTION SIGN_TAB "C#:/usr/bin/cdecl: $2; $2:system=$1"

This is how I tried it in a few different situations, and you can find those details by looking at the SysVInfo file I have for the registry in Debian:

SysVBIOS: MAC Domain Name: my_machine/reg/stat/reg.xml Suspend: Debug: $1.0 Add RPC: $0.0 Content-Length: $70 Bytes Maximum Status: No-Attack $4.0 Hardening: 512kB Status Monitor: IO System Volumes: 2.0Gb Maximum Root File: $180G Maximum Audio Volumen: 0Gb

Notice the allow_rpc option? It allows you to specify the RPC client implementation that was generated on your machine, so this can be done by the tools provided by your OS.

Also, you can get specification by holding a while key in the DeboutInfos tab of the DebbugPatch command line and followed by that key again, and selecting "GENERAL" from the start menu.

Essentially, you will be able to get the specification from the register, and use it to tell our DebPatch tool how to interpret our command line information.

Ok, so that was it. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to comment on my post, and I’ll try to answer them in a future post.

The next parts of this series will be about compiling Debinstab and writing a kernel..