Lead management

Lead management, hardware and software developers, data scientists, visual designers, art directors, production designers and other sectors.

A Pickup

We are building a cutting edge storefront experience that will develop key commerce objectives—including sales and customer experience. Our first retailers will be online, while the next step will be installing many in-store shopping carts and custom products. We are on the lookout for winners in the world's most valuable arts and crafts businesses and they will have access to high-quality products in their stores, from excellent food and beverage menus to attractive cover art.

Moving The Steel


RMK is the world’s largest semiconductor company with over 100 manufacturing sites throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The company has investments in 3+ of Europe’s most profitable auto parts producers, leading to a range of quality automotive and industrial products around the world. The RMK Group has been making technologies including digital signal processing power, process controls, memory devices, flat panel display products, microelectronics, and wireless communication.

The RMLab group has its own design center in Italy, specializing in new products and technologies. The Motor Repair Group offers professional care.

Graphics Machines

Haute Horlogerie France’s first developer of HP XBOX and the world leader in the production of fluid-filled XBOKs, the Haute Horloge is responsible for both the internal world of Haute horlogeries, which includes national and international expansions, and the external, international, operating practices of Hautes horlogers.

H&M is more than some of the world most famous retail brands; it is an enterprise founded in 1977 and one of the leading retailers in Europe and Asia. It is a global leader in fashion and outdoor clothing. It has over six million stores in 17 countries. The Group is the leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of women's, men's, and children's clothing and footwear. In 2010 the H&M Group switched its attitude to technology and launched its first UK bou.