Lead managers

Lead managers. “We have a lot of players who are in positions of leadership, and they’re highly respected, which is what matters.”

Then things got heated when a Jackson, Mississippi, native was chosen as their new president. Jackson — who has appeared on Fox Sports 1’s NFL Today and SportsCenter — was asked why he chose a man who had never been in the league before.

“We kind of just took a bunch of different step back to figure out who was the best candidate to take the direction of the organization,” he said. “Then we came back to it. And then we thought about some of the candidates and deciding who could be the best man to lead a group of people to success. And he was the one we had to have and made the most of that opportunity.”

Kenny Dalglish will serve as the new owner of the New Orleans Saints. AP Photo/Brian Snyder

Pointing out the risk and said the person, “a man who has never been behind the wheel and who is so intimately knowledgeable about the business side of it, is really the guy who we felt was the way to take this group forward and to help establish the Saints as an NFL franchise.”

In a statement, Saints CEO Art Rooney called Dalrymple “a wonderful partner, he’s been around the league long enough to understand how important the NFL is to this organization.”

Dalrymbles was in talks with Jackson after being offered the job last year, but refused. His tenure as the Sichuan Tigers director of player safety was brief, but was noted as an accomplishment at the league level, a position he held for three seasons.

The Saints’ latest contract extension with former head coach Drew Brees was announced at an open house in New Orlean. AP photo/Rodolfo Gutierrez

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KENNY DALGJINGHS: I’ll tell you something. I’ve had a lot more success in my life as a player than I have as an owner.

Rooney: I know that’s saying something, Kentucky. Kenny: It is. Rooney: You sai.