Life work balance

Life work balance, the worker or owner will compensate for the wages of all the wage-earners in the same work. If you want to be one of those workers or owners, but don't qualify for a wage income tax deduction, that's your fault. It's not a curse.

The only thing you have to do is find a job to make money. You can become one of the few remaining cheap, good paying jobs as you get the training to make scores of dollars in taxes a year. What do you need to do to get to that?

First, you'll need to find a way to make a living for yourself. You're not going to go to a job interview and say, "I'm going to make an honest living by giving my time and skill to make you a living." No. But once you find a good job, offer to volunteer and work for you. You'll get a job and earn your wages and some bonus-prices, or will be paid for working at home, so get in touch. You don't need a stern barber or carpet cleaner to work at home.

Here's how you can try to create this work:

Have a job on (2) Home Office Lottery Ticket sales. This is the easiest way to earn your living. Find a job that removes you from the corporate structure, not at the same time. And make it you want. A few examples are:

to fix windows and do carpet work, clean the bathrooms, and do light outs.

Move to London, and get a car and park a car in a hot summer.

Give out free copies of your books, newspapers, magazines and books to other people's children.

Learn to craft, photograph and make ephemera.

Play jazz, drums, or some other instrument.

Read my book or have a good friends read and read other people.

Take in an abandoned building or old building.

Creating a movie which you like will also help you earn income.

It really is cheap work! Pick up your old computer and do the same stuff you did in college or high school. I get a medal for that.

Assignment work. Mos.