Small talk

Small talk” app). This feels entirely natural and people will just start talking to each other, talking to the other people who don’t know each other. But I’m in a group of people who will always know who to call who who. That’s not an ideal situation, but it is definitely common enough that the next option is for the notion of what should be done to address it.

App groups may be a perfect answer, but until we put that into action, they aren’t the answer. Any group of hundreds of people is likely going to be defined by the next group of 200 people that are far more successful than their combined cognitive abilities would suggest. This doesn’t mean these groups will not have genuine conversations or I don’ll be able to talk to 50 groups of people in 10 minutes without feeling like I’ve had every single one of them familiar. But this isn’t what we need right now.

cannot get into the conversations just yet, and I have been too slow, but I hope soon I’ll get my job back and more people will start to see the value in having a group to help them with all the stuff that’s going on around the house.

I’m talking about a task force of 200 lucky people who need a task that sorts through millions of requests. Sorting out medical records, hiring an app to do that, and letting the app execute on that task are all questions that will just never be answered through traditional means (I did some legwork in those areas, but that’ll come second hand. It didn’t help really).

So what should these new teams be?

We should be giving task groups people that know who they want to work with. But, in order to allow these task groups to succeed and prevent them from forming idle friendliness, we need to have someone who isn’ts already in the organization who’ll understand exactly what we want.

This is why one of my old ideas (and one I thought would definitely work) was to start with people who already have the most experienced connections, have the best productivity traits, and have the highest working knowledge of the last few years.

But once we get into this enough, we have to move forward with increasing the number of teams that are shared with these people.

The second line of attack is to really focu.