Soft skills hard skills

Soft skills hard skills like learning new language and making new friends

Dancing, singing, and acting skills help people feel confident and energized

People with a social anxiety disorder should be encouraged to attend university classes; this can help them learn the important social skills

Nurses can identify a person with anxiogenic social anxieties and help them get help to feel relieved when they go home

Psychiatrists need to diagnose a person’s social anxaic (anxiety) and to help them navigate their lives

International standards for the training of social workers and social workers with mental health disorders should be updated; this should go through the International Conference of Social Workers

Governments need to set up a National Institute for Social Rehabilitation to coordinate the treatment of social ankhas and help social workers to identify the role they have in the social lives of their clients

The United Nations needs to publicly announce the international convention on the treatment and prevention of social axemetics, and that it adheres to it

Seniors need to be educated about benefits of social work and the people they are helping

We need a common national public sector social work programme that offers local partners specialists, with a clear emphasis on mental health, to the needy peers

Peers should be supported to become social workers, and awareness of the social work skills that may be available to people with mental illness should be spread throughout the community

There are a few things at the bottom of the list that I need to fix. A lot of the ideas I’m suggesting are non-utopian but they could help in the long run. I’d also like to have a discussion about the specific interventions to make social services work better on some of these issues, and if you have questions for me or anybody else please feel free to ask. Any comments will be much appreciated. In case you’re wondering what mental health awarness training would look like, I think I’ll post it tomorrow if anybody has anything to say in the comments..