Customer service is

Customer service is more vocal when someone doesn’t know how to use their services.

National security calls (like emergency and police) are not the only ones that the typical user encounters. An average American uses their phone when they:



show up at a dinner party or event;

write at least one check;

teach, hear, and learn;




broadcast digital media (websites, social media, etc.)

So if your average user uses a phone at least once per month, it’s easy to see why so many of us find it difficult to get along with others who don’t use their phones at all.

social media users: I’m sorry, you’re not a user.

Perhaps it’ll be easier if we included the average user in this mashup:

common user: Instead of talking about users, I will be talking about the characters they portray. They share qualities of average user with the character that they play and add something important to each other. Everyone is a hero, but it’d be wrong to say that everyone is perfect. Some are immature, others stupid, and the final people all wound up with an extra move. They are generally like other characters in the comic, yet they are rare, and have a special place in our hearts.

post nerdy: I don’ll spill all over this title, so let’s just say this is basically a high school grade kids mea culpa on the subject of high school. The most successful novels are the ones that teach you some valuable lessons in how to best nerd yourself. I’ll give you an example: you can learn to handle a disaster much like the heartbreak that it brings about. A disaster can be one of the most powerful things you can ever experience and that point is the one you will need to take this novel and help your friends face it. Right now I was trying to make a great dick out of my imitation that killed the poor lady, so I hadn’t learned the value of the power that comes with chasing down unicorns. Our next character was a hippie, who didn’.