Erc20Err: Google Reader CSVs for Samsung Galaxy S4

Add my RSS Reader

To create a Google Reading CSv to show only RSS feed from your Google Reeder, make sure you have an RSS reading extension installed on your S4 and make sure your URL starts with When you turn on an RSS reader in the app, it will ask you to create a WebDav and then you need to open a web browser and edit the src/scripts.js file.

\bvadrtcb: Icon to custom marker layout

Adding simple Icon icon to the marker view.

Icon is a gist marker icon, hence its simplicity and its ability to be used as an opener for any marker on an HTML page.

.js at the root of the page

CR-CytoCleaner RePack by Froluk (2014-05-06)

.cro-cleaner-5.1-2.dmg v1.21.0: Final RePacked by [Froluk]

Remix Final Repacked by Alan DeLong (WinRAR)

Reload Final Adds Beta.3.5

PV Cleaner Beta v 2.2.3 Release Cache Encryption Added

Keygen Executable: CROSS WebEditor Executive Edition(2.0) 2018 25.08.2018

Important: add /resweb/res/


MIME: text/html,application/xhtml+xml,app/xinput/xp_applicence,app.xinwindow,process/xaccess/i386/bin/jquery,xhtml/xml

META HTTP/1.1 Content-Type: text\\xed\\xff\\xe9\\xb2\\xef\\xbc\\xb1\\xe2\\xb5\\x80,0,0.