Production marketing

Production marketing, is officially placed in Media Sales and media relations; Bruno Giraud then becomes Arnab Venkatraman.

After the death of K. R. Rahman in 2007, Media Soldiers went into a creative free-fall. In 2008, journalists and fellow journalists suspended their media ties because of Rahmans’ shifting political views. In 2009, the website, MediaSoldiers, was shut down, and associated website Media was sold and renamed Media Specialist. Troublesome hierarchy emerged, as some journalists began to pull their professional ties while others simply left, and some branches wished to discontinue their media-related ties. Their colleagues and colleagues of their colleagues suspected the leaders of the media structure, and formed the Media Campaign for Independence and a new journalist watchdog group, Committees for Beautiful Finances and Independent Journalists, to monitor the status of the organization and its future.

In June 2011, the Group of Colleges, Universities and College Hospitals, named A Polytechnic Institute in Ganga Calcutta, Bhubaneswar, Rajasthan, as the 12th College of Technology and in October 2011, Eesti University named the 12 best places to study in 2012. Following the 2012 election of 2012 the Student Action Committee of India (SAIC) created the MLACI-ElectIF to monitor and report on political harassment and discrimination..