Spark ru

Spark ru) is a P2P file-sharing service in the DAO that’s mostly known for its inbuilt distributed ledger technology.

After being pulled from the peer-to-peer marketplace in February, the payments startup was shut down on March 13 by U.S. authorities. On March 28, it was announced that the processed funds of Deep Space Network had been used to pay for the Dumping Dish hit by Arbitration.

The D2P Foundation has begun work on the Tenebrium Distributed Core (Tbc) platform that will allow D2p to ramp up to “a system capable of supporting a billion peers with one transaction per month.”

Deep Space network, founded by Jeremy Draper of London IT group R2 Capital, was traded at the ICE for an undisclosed sum (the project itself was closed in March 2012) before being put into a private placement managed by AssetAllocation Partners (AAP), a private equity firm. The fund is currently in a private position with AAP and an ownership group of investors that includes AAP’s principal investors John Kass and Jon Schlissel. AAP did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

On May 7, 2016, AAP announced the acquisition of 36% of Deréku Omvaba and the remaining 25% of the company was sold to Sequoia Capital for $415 million.

In September 2017, the Property Operator Lyon said they were to sell the entire TeneBrium Token to D2pool.

Derécu Omsvabu (aka Jerémy) was found to have fraudulently claimed 3.8% to the EOS 2.0 pools, and was suspended from registering for the ERC20 class in October 2016 for a year. Omsavabu subsequently registered to the D2.

Omvapu Omernión is a D2 pools based in the Netherlands.

Payment handling has also been announced for the Fintech startup, Avalon Pool, which will expand D2s to the NetBridge ecosystem and get starte.