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But the Twitter handle and Facebook profile are not both a real part of Storybrooke. Margaret has always vaguely known who the Twitter correspondent is, and not so much who his Facebook page is:

I have a stranger who runs around misinforming everyone about Story time on @Facebook. I hope his Facebook account is closed soon — Margarett Grant (@MargaretGran) June 4, 2014

Facebook, the social network, has acted as a solid blanket for Story being kept alive. It allows the so-called “blogger” to express his own perspective in pages or personal posts, independent of whether he is guided by the article’s author or by the idea of a news story.

Pornhub, the web site that has created comic strips and movies, is fairly well known for sending unsolicited emails and texts to people who post on their platforms. But that’s not what happened on Story. The account of a YouTube star named Nicole is similarly secretive. Until now.

People who know Margrethe know it’s true.

She’s been framed, leaked and slandered, using it as her platform and as a weapon to attack people for their opinion.

Online news outlets, celebrities and the people who keep Story alive, including the bloggers, have all targeted Margret in different ways.

But it’ll get even worse soon..