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Atol online api, USTEL Shopping Network, Ticketmaster, Oneworld, Virgin, and many others. Apart from CES, the SXSW conference has also been recognized as a major event for a number of companies, including FedEx, Cadillac, GE Capital, ExxonMobil, AT&T, and the American Home Builders Association.

CES is also one of the most important trade shows on the planet. The CES Expo annually attracts more than 1,800 companies from around the globe to linger for eight days at one of their favorite venues. Just one week before the beginning of CES 2011, CES 2013 featured around 1,300 companies, as well as HRC, the world's largest licensing and research company.

The Banff Convention & Exhibition Centre holds a unique location position in Banqi Lake, which historically has been known as a place of extreme attraction for merchants, not only of Canada, but the entire world. Banqui Lake was also used as a commercial venue for numerous history-making events including the first Canadian exhibition of Ladies' Hair (premiering on CET-Easter Weekend) and the first Canada-built ski hill, L'Enfant Terrible. The forest biosphere park preserve contains bird species such as the endangered northern andbull, the raven and the wren. The Banobanff shelter provides ample space for up to 350 people to shelter during the winter.

However, over recent years, several improvements have been made to the appearance of the building, as a result of debate surrounding the future of the site. More than 30% of the gated residence has been refurbished with several new examples of architectural styles within the current style. The Vintage Banque International Exhibitions Centre at Banfi Lake will also be refurbished.

Formerly a private residence, the pavilion will be occupied by the Canadian Heritage Centre for the Humanities of Canada and the Interprofessional Fellowship of Architects and Engineers. Already the Banifialum is an important international event and attracts over 20.