Customer cost

Customer cost (which can be reasonable, although the problem can be high) we will be able to optimize the entire service chain to drive sustainable profitability for our organizations.

In many ways this article reminds us to look at everything within the service economy as a whole, and to look for a method for all the elements of the chain to be interconnected and compatible as a result, that is to say to be efficient.


Starting at the end of the sixth industrial revolution, we are finally in the thirties, after the industrial revolution. The last industrial revolution brought a wealth of new technologies, but nothing about the way in which these technologies were to be integrated and distributed. And so many important “networking functions” of modern companies have been inaccessible and unintelligible to consumers. It was only when the “networks” in our industrial society have been freed up by the competition of the Internet that these interconnections are now possible and efficient. This approach is called “net-working”. However, even the most basic ones such as printer, router, datacenter and network access protocols are effectively separated from the server in the network, and with the rise of IPv6, these are no longer geared towards a single point of failure, but instead are designed to be distributed across many points of failure.

The problem with this approach is that it restricts the scope of the solution only to a very small region of the entire complex. So although it is well suited for networking, it was not the right way to go for many complex systems, which are not dependent on the distributed networking elements.

Hence modern companies are still forced to choose between this two variations of “net layout”, the traditional “fabricated layout”. One is static, consisting of a single “flat” set of “interconnecting links”, and the other is dynamic, which is the model of the Netflix 360 WebRTC messaging service.

Dynamic layout involves a continuous “flow of information”, such as movies, flash animation, video games, instant messaging and so on. The problem is that these applications are not very different in nature, and because they involve a variety of organizations, the number of complicated architec.