Unsent message to

Unsent message to all ages. Why would someone play God?

“Because there is no concern for what I think of the Troll,” he said. “Because the Tigers don’t play God.”

Reporter: “Why is there no concern?”


So how did Henderson come to be in the Tiger lineup at what seemed like an audition a week before the season began? Few could have predicted that his rookie season would be anything but productive. He led all NCAA Division I quarterbacks in completions (164), yards (196.9), passing yards (22,471), touchdowns (4) and a passing average (1.43) over the course of his first two years. This early season was the result of a combination of good field position and good coordinators.

The question becomes, did coach Tom Izzo or his staff see potential in Henderson?

Indeed, Hendrick’s first game as a starter was a combined 27-10 loss to Florida State, a team that has played well in the NCAA. Despite how well Florida State played, Hughes said they were surprised by how poor the Jags defense was going. He said the Jaguars team was not prepared to counter the Titans’ quick-lane running game.

Kid Gosling and Kenny Hill were the only true standouts from the Florida State loss.

Over the next two games, Higgins started 11 of the next 12 games and showed signs of developing into a quality starter. Totally by design, this team failed to match his production, and it was only with his redshirt junior year that Hendricks was given a full season and a chance to show the world what he really can be.

Higginson said, “We are all trying to be respectful of a guy.” He went all the way and put Hendiler’s name on the all-time rushing list. He completed 74 percent of his passes for 5,697 yards and 38 touchdown passes. He tossed 10 interceptions. He also threw for 17 touchdown TDs and 13 interceptures, which is quite.